Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Mother's Day and Other New Mom Stuff

My mom and CiCi.

MIL and CiCi.

My husband must be trying to spoil me, because he showered me with gifts on Mother's Day. We went to a lovely restaurant in Highlands with my parents and my MIL. CiCi was with us too, of course. The food was great. The cards and gifts were wonderful, but, to tell you the truth, I still don't feel like a mom sometimes. I mean, all the signs of motherhood are there. You know, the flabby abs, the dark circles under my eyes, the few extra pounds of baby weight (OK, maybe more than a few). But motherhood still feels a little surreal. It could be the sleep deprivation that causes this. I look at pictures of CiCi's birth and think, "Wow! Who is that big, puffy woman with that tiny baby?"

Don't get me wrong, I love being CiCi's mommy. No doubt about it. It's just getting used to this new me. After CiCi was born the fluctuating hormones sometimes made it hard to cope with the physical and personal changes in my life. And the "encouragement" I received from random strangers and medical personnel didn't exactly help. At my six week postpartum appointment I attempted to address my weight loss concerns with my doctor, whom I actually really like. Most of the time. She said, "If you were breastfeeding I would tell that you'll lose the weight, no problem. But I don't know. Your hair, however, will fall out at six months no matter what." Gee, thanks. At least I have something to look forward to. Oh and thanks for the added guilt trip about breastfeeding. I really needed that.

The next day hubby and I were taking a walk around the neighborhood with CiCi, and we bumped into a neighbor lady. She struck up a conversation with us, and, turning to me with a meaningful look, she said,"You know I'm the Mary Kay representative for the neighborhood and we're having a meeting on Saturday. We're doing makeovers." I could feel a full blown case of postpartum psychosis coming on. I envisioned giving her a makeover with a hammer and a chainsaw.

Despite those incidents ( and a few others) I am recovering my dignity. The pounds are coming off (Ha, Dr. Potter!), and I do wear makeup when I'm not taking casual strolls around the neighborhood (Ha, Mary Kay lady!). Perhaps next Mother's Day I will be able to look in the mirror and say,"I know that lady. She's C.R.'s wife, Cici's mom, and myself. Hang, Mary Kay!"


Dorothy said...

Lol. Thanks for the story! I enjoyed reading it. You won't loose all of your hair! Unless Cici pulls it all out. She did attempt to pull some of mine out on Friday =]! Mom's hair never looked thinner after having any of her babies.

Brittny said...

Thanks for the laugh.
And why C.R.? Is this some new nick name? Is Chad too long of a name to to type? Ooooor do you not like the name Chad?

Should I call him C.R.?

Zanna said...
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Just a Bunch of words said...

hey, you found me!
i like the nicknames..there cute!
and that long name...just for a fish?? he must be something big!

Elizabeth said...

I hope I'm an allowed reader. I linked onto your blog from Dorothy's. :-) What do you write for? I saw that you edit or write articles? Your blog was very entertaining to read! Kate's only 18 months old & already some of those postpartum psycho moments are mere glints in my memory. . only brought back by reading blogs like yours. My weirdest moment was hearing voices screaming at me while in the shower. Or waking up from a dead sleep thinking I could hear Kate crying, and it was just the air conditioning. Long gone!

Zanna said...
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