Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tea for Two

Its naptime. The house is quiet except for the tap, tap of the keyboard. So far I've done a little of this and a little of that. I ate. Finally. I put away clothes and shoes. I organized the closet in the office a little. I even put on makeup and pulled my hair out of my face.

I did a little reading online and chatted with friends on facebook. Obviously, this list is getting mundane, so I'll tell you the real reason I'm writing this post.

CiCi and I had tea this morning. I sat down at her little table next to the window and we took turns sipping imaginary tea from her teensy purple cups. We made loud slurping noises and while I pretend nibbled on tea cakes, she threw the tray on the floor and stole my cup. It was one of those moments that make the whole day worth it.

We only get a short time with our children. For some its shorter than others. I want to enjoy each tiny moment I have with my daughter. I want to stare at her curls, her rosy cheeks, her toothy smile and remember them always. I want to hold her close and watch her sleep. And though I enjoy the quiet during naptime, I also dread it because it reminds me of what life would be like without her.

Much too quiet.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Day in the Life...

Of Screamy McWhinerton. I mean CiCi.

Sorry that first part was a slip of the keyboard. Really. We've had a lovely day together. We did a little of this, a little of that. Well, here. Let me show you.

We enjoyed carrying our stuffed toys up and down the hall.
We also enjoyed helping mommy around the house while clinging to her leg.

We only read this book a FEW times today.

Mommy even found a cocoon in the garden and we're going to document its transformation.

Purely for Mommy's enjoyment, because SOMEBODY doesn't give a flip, though the caterpillar on the patio today did incite some interest.

We decided to do a photo shoot. We all SMILED.

We went for a walk.
CiCi was very HAPPY.

DISCLAIMER: Those are NOT my real thighs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But I thought it was a neat picture anyway.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Importance of Being Mama

Its difficult to understand motherhood until you've experienced it. I've only been a mother for a little over a year, but I'm positive that my appreciation for my own mother has grown by leaps and bounds during that short time. I recognize the importance of being mama.

In this day and age success is measured by education and careers. It seems that motherhood in and of itself is not enough to gain the respect or acknowledgement of the outside world. We even look down on those who choose motherhood over career. We consider an education to be a waste of time for those people. Why did they even go to college if all they're going to do is stay home and raise children?

My own mother never went to college. She has a GED in place of a regular high school diploma. The closest thing she ever had to a career was a job as a bank teller. When my brother and I graduated from high school (we were home schooled through all four years) people used to act as though she hadn't had a life until that point. Motherhood was apparently not a significant enough job.

My mom teaches piano now. She's always been a talented pianist, playing for churches and weddings for years. I have no doubt she could have been a concert pianist if she had wanted that. She, in her modest fashion, can't acknowledge her own talent, but she raised two incredibly intelligent kids (brag,brag). I'm sure she could have been anything she wanted.

What she wanted was to be my mother.

It doesn't matter how the world measures her success, or what she does with her life from now on. She chose to give a significant portion of her time, her heart, and her life to someone who was not always grateful or understanding. I know how tiring and stressful it is to stay home day in and day out with a little one. There aren't any "thank yous." Its just plain hard work. But its the most important work any woman can do. I'm following in the footsteps of a special lady. I just hope I can succeed as well as she has.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you for being there. Thank you for all the times I didn't say thank you.

Happy Mother's Day!