Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby Smells

Ahh, morning... the twitter of birds, sunlight drifting through the windows, the scent of poopy wafting on a gentle breeze and coming from the general direction of my soft, sweet baby girl. This is no ordinary poopy smell, either. This poopy is both stinky and slimy and sticky and monstrous. You see at some point in a baby's life they begin to create what I like to call toxic waste. Not all the time mind you, but in CiCi's case about once a day, usually in the morning between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Talk about an eye opener...

Of course, changing said diapers is much easier now that CiCi smiles and coos the entire time instead of curling the paint with blood-curdling screams as soon as air touches her bare behind. This makes the whole experience more pleasant, despite the contents of the diaper or my state of mind at the time. Of course, poopy odors do not constitute the entirety of baby aromas. Sour milk burps, wee smelly farts, and milky spit ups also occur on a regular basis.

But, without a doubt, my favorite baby smell is the one that magically lingers on CiCi's skin no matter what. That baby smell that one can't quite describe. Maybe it's the baby shampoo or maybe it's just her natural aroma, but it is soooo delicious! I sometimes just have to sit and drink it up while she is in my arms. I know one day it will be replaced by an older kid smell. I don't know what that smell will be, but I can't imagine it being as sweet as the one she has now.


Dorothy said...

Oh yes...I do miss my little niece. She does have a wonderfully delicious baby smell. Sounds like you have way too much fun thinking of ways to describe those poopy diapers!!! It is almost as if you enjoy it!

Brittny said...

Glad to hear she's such a healthy little baby. =P