Friday, March 13, 2009


As of Wednesday, we are the official owners of a house- a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, no less. I was surprised to find a home that size in our price range. The mountains are fraught with large homes, all excessively expensive. Of course, our journey with this home has been a difficult one at best.

First, we were elated that our offer on the home, considerably less than what the buyer was asking for, was accepted. Then we were dismayed that the house had apparent structural problems that the buyer would not fix. Next we were happy to learn the buyer was willing to make repairs. After that we were glad to discover that the house was in sound condition after said repairs.

Then we were annoyed that the closing date was moved due to some technicalities concerning the termite report. After which we were happy to again have a solid closing date until our lawyer had to go out of town for a trial, and the closing date was moved again. It was, we hoped, for the last time, till we found out that the paralegal had waited till the last minute to file certain paperwork. But we made it to the lawyer's office to sign the paperwork anyway.

After we signed a gazillion documents, some stating that we would sign more documents if necessary, and others joyfully proclaiming that we would go to prison if we lied on said documents, we were told that we would be homeowners as soon as the wire transfer came through from the bank. Fast forward to the next day when we received a call from our lawyer saying, "I don't know how to tell you this, but..."

The bank had not sent the wire, claiming that the lending service we were using had reached its lending limit. Huh? After 24 hours of sweating and praying, we learned that the wire had finally come through. The bank had made a mistake. Ya think? We now have the keys to our home, and we can begin to make it our own. It may not be the prettiest house on the block, or the newest, but it's ours, and that's all that matters.

I can't wait to post some before and after pictures for you (there will be lots). Maybe by next week I'll have some. We plan on painting the kitchen cabinets, and installing new hardware. We'll also be painting CiCi's room before we move in. Other projects we have planned for later (some of which will cost more money than we have right now)- removing the outside doors in the master bedroom (yeah, I know...WHY?), redoing master bedroom closet and bathroom, replacing fixtures in hall bathroom, replacing kitchen appliances, removing partitioning walls in living room/kitchen, replacing flooring in main living space, carpeting master bedroom, and improving curb appeal (covers more than I think I can list).

At least we passed the biggest hurdle- making this house ours.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Da Zoo!

This past Saturday we embarked on the excursion of a lifetime- CiCi's first trip to the zoo! It was warm and sunny at the Greenville Zoo when we arrived, but we weren't fooled by appearances. This was a journey fraught with danger. Hundreds of tiny human beings bounding through the crowds threatened to send us careening off the safely pathed paths into the sharp, twisted limbs of holly bushes.

We fought desperately to reach the animal enclosures to view UP CLOSE the branches of trees hanging nearby. We were stunned at the sight of mammals whose necks closely resemble the bed posts we see everyday. We nearly suffocated in the heat of the reptile building while viewing other children. Somehow, despite the odds, we made out alive.

This is the evidence of our great adventure-

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whine and Cheese

True talent exists even in 12 month-olds. Like the ability to whine at just the right pitch. You see if you hit the right tone it makes one's head reverberate. I'm positive it's the exact sensation you might feel before your head exploded. Apparently, a 1 year old must whine about everything. I can't wait for actual words to be apart of CiCi's vocabulary, though I'm sure that comes with some, um, quid pro quos.

Speaking of whine, can we please stop cutting the cheese at inconvenient moments? Church, for instance, is not a good place to let one loose. And saying uh oh does not make it better. It just makes everyone laugh. During prayer time. Burps should also be off limits. Especially when they're pointed directly at my face. How does a baby always manage that. I tell you it's got to be talent.