Thursday, April 30, 2009

The List

Our plans this summer include:
Maintaining The Lawn




Duck Throwing

Bird Watching

And last but not least-
Being Adorable

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Swing

We've gone from this:
A lovely spring day this past Saturday
To This-

A cold, windy Tuesday filled with snowflakes and even some accumulation. Oh, the fickle joys of mountain living. Though when its spring I prefer it to stay spring. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moved (Sort Of)

We're finally in our house. FINALLY! It's been a long journey, but its nice to be home. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. The kitchen cabinets, though painted, still require another coat, hardware, and trim to complete them. I'm in the midst of sewing curtains for CiCi's room, and searching for a bookshelf that I can paint to match her adorable dresser/changing table. I make a little progress everyday, and I promise there will be pictures one of these days.

I guess the one thing that made this house officially home was the return of the cats. They stayed at my parents for the first week we were here because of the chaos of the move. Now that they're here they're wreaking their own brand of chaos. They broke a special figurine of mine the other day(No guesses who that was, WAFFLE), managed to wriggle their way into the bathroom cabinets to sleep on the clean towels (Brissay, I'm lookin' at you), and they woke CiCi from her blessed nap time a half hour early because SOMEBODY HAD TO SLEEP under her crib (I hate you with a passion, Gizzy). Other than that its been an absolute joy to have them here (please ignore hint of sarcasm).

We have enjoyed our new neighborhood also. The yard is thrilling. I mean we can walk outside and THERE IS A YARD OUT THERE, not just a steep driveway and bushes filled with bloodthirsty insects. We can also walk down to Dillsboro via a little pathway and enjoy the quaint village filled with ducks and little shops. Our only bad experience occurred early yesterday morning when we were awakened by a loud pounding on the door- or rather my husband was. Somehow I missed it. When he finally realized he wasn't dreaming and heard CiCi crying in her room, he got up and went to the door. A sheriff's officer was there to check out a call made by an intoxicated man claiming to be the last owner's husband, saying she had fallen in the river. He needed to confirm that we were the current residents and not her. Now, of course, I'm a tiny bit paranoid about a drunken man showing up at our door. But I shouldn't worry. We can just sic the cats on him. He'd be gone after two seconds with them.