Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whine and Cheese

True talent exists even in 12 month-olds. Like the ability to whine at just the right pitch. You see if you hit the right tone it makes one's head reverberate. I'm positive it's the exact sensation you might feel before your head exploded. Apparently, a 1 year old must whine about everything. I can't wait for actual words to be apart of CiCi's vocabulary, though I'm sure that comes with some, um, quid pro quos.

Speaking of whine, can we please stop cutting the cheese at inconvenient moments? Church, for instance, is not a good place to let one loose. And saying uh oh does not make it better. It just makes everyone laugh. During prayer time. Burps should also be off limits. Especially when they're pointed directly at my face. How does a baby always manage that. I tell you it's got to be talent.

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