Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Da Zoo!

This past Saturday we embarked on the excursion of a lifetime- CiCi's first trip to the zoo! It was warm and sunny at the Greenville Zoo when we arrived, but we weren't fooled by appearances. This was a journey fraught with danger. Hundreds of tiny human beings bounding through the crowds threatened to send us careening off the safely pathed paths into the sharp, twisted limbs of holly bushes.

We fought desperately to reach the animal enclosures to view UP CLOSE the branches of trees hanging nearby. We were stunned at the sight of mammals whose necks closely resemble the bed posts we see everyday. We nearly suffocated in the heat of the reptile building while viewing other children. Somehow, despite the odds, we made out alive.

This is the evidence of our great adventure-


Brittny said...

Hmmm. That actually sounds like MY last trip to the zoo.

Great evidence. =)

Oh, and I like your hair.

Dorothy said...

Sooo cute!!!Kinda wished I was a fly that day and followed you to the car and to the zoo to see her reactions. I bet she was just darling to see her face take in the giraffes and the lizards. These pictures are just precious!! Really captures her well.

Brittny said...

Great background-- I just found this site the other day! I was going to try applying a new background myself so If I have any trouble I know who to ask.