Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tea for Two

Its naptime. The house is quiet except for the tap, tap of the keyboard. So far I've done a little of this and a little of that. I ate. Finally. I put away clothes and shoes. I organized the closet in the office a little. I even put on makeup and pulled my hair out of my face.

I did a little reading online and chatted with friends on facebook. Obviously, this list is getting mundane, so I'll tell you the real reason I'm writing this post.

CiCi and I had tea this morning. I sat down at her little table next to the window and we took turns sipping imaginary tea from her teensy purple cups. We made loud slurping noises and while I pretend nibbled on tea cakes, she threw the tray on the floor and stole my cup. It was one of those moments that make the whole day worth it.

We only get a short time with our children. For some its shorter than others. I want to enjoy each tiny moment I have with my daughter. I want to stare at her curls, her rosy cheeks, her toothy smile and remember them always. I want to hold her close and watch her sleep. And though I enjoy the quiet during naptime, I also dread it because it reminds me of what life would be like without her.

Much too quiet.


Dorothy said...

awww! such a sweet post. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her on Saturday. She played and tugged "Bob" the balloon around everywhere she went.
I really wish all ladies who walk by our table at Cafe 107 ("Charlie's") would quit turning to me and asking "how old is she?" while I sit there with a dumb look on my face and count months in my head or look to Mama for the answer when I really just want to say, "she turned one years old in February!" LOL. To how many people do I have to explain that she is my niece?!? I still have people in church asking me "how is your baby doing?" or "how's the little one?" OK, this is getting to be too much!
Oh for the day that I can have my own and quit the assumptions of me being the mother of a child not mine. Though we all know I will still get accusations even then. They will ask me, "where is the other baby?"
LOL! See what you started!?!

Just a Bunch of words said...

ohhh that was soo sweet!
i's a pretty bad start.. but...i'll get better at it...honest

Just a Bunch of words said...

why thank you!
one of them is framed in the Science class=)
and.. i will come and see you in July=) a whole week and a half.. sooo you don't have to take me off your list =)

Just a Bunch of words said...

if you don't update i might have to take you off my friend list! =)
please writ something new!